Cropmarks E of Mancetter Mill

Description of this historic site

An enclosure, with some internal features, is visible as a crop mark on aerial photographs. Excavation has dated it to the Roman period. It lies 450m south of Witherley Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Cropmarks show on aerial photographs. These comprise a rectangular enclosure with faint internal features.
2 Site 4. During fieldwalking in 1977 a pottery scatter was found here (WA 7463). In 1976 a cropmark was recorded – a small rectangular enclosure with faint internal features (WA 8037). In 1977 the area was stripped, and ditches, wells and other features recorded in a trench about 17.25m by 1.2m. The ditch, palisade slot and pit revealed are probably those that show as cropmarks. Samian recovered here confirms the dating. Feature 1, a water tank with surviving wood, was only partly excavated. Associated with feature 1 were a posthole and a narrow slot. A second deep feature proved to be a well. This was excavated to a depth of 2.3m. A short distance east of the well another feature was located. This was not excavated because most of it was under the baulk. The pottery from features in the trial trench dates to 50-70AD and the enclosure seems contemporary with the fort. It is uncertain what this is. Is it the canabae for the civil following or a trading post using the river for transport?
3 Plan.
4 Description as above.
5 Description as above.
6 Excavation details from 1977.
7 Noted; cropmark/enclosure; trench proving 1st century occupation in its interior.

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