Combe Abbey Church

Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval church associated with Combe Abbey. The results of archaeological excavations suggest that the church was situated to the south of the abbey cloisters.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavation on probable site of abbey church in advance of redevelopment. From the present layout of the grounds and cloister remains it appears that the church lay S of the claustral complex. A newspaper report of the 1860s mentions church remains coming to light during landscaping in this area. No monastic masonry was found, but the whole area was covered with a layer of decayed green sandstone containing floor- and roof- tile and painted glass. It is likely that Lord Harington, during conversion of the Abbey in the late 16th century, levelled the church for gardens and that it was finally destroyed in 1864 when the moat was dug through its E-W axis. A row of oolitic limestone coffins were found with heads to the S and covering 19th century pottery. These were presumably disturbed and reburied when the moat was constructed. The material recovered and a plan were deposited in Coventry Museum.
2 An historical outline of the Abbey.
3 An architectural history of the Cistercian Abbey.
4 A plan of the recorded walls of the Cistercian Abbey in relation to the present buildings.

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