Findspot - Roman coin hoard

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a collection of coins, possibly found in Tiddington, and now in posession of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The exact location of the findspot is unknown.

Notes about this historic site

1 A gentleman in Loxley has about 100 copper coins said to have been picked up at intervals from 1846-56 on the ‘Church Leys’. They include 1 ‘first brass’ of Trajan I, 1 ‘first’ and 1 ‘second brass’ of Pius I Alex Severus, several small coppers of 250-280 AD and many of 280-380, especially Constantinian. They may possibly belong to a hoard which had been broken up and scattered by the plough before it was noticed and which was therefore picked up piecemeal. He has also one Constantinius, said to have been found in 1846 on ‘Church Lands’.
2 Church Lands could be the same as Church Leys. The finder is dead and his collection has been dispersed. Church Leys has not been located, but was probably in the area between the Tiddington Road and the bow of the Avon, at SP2155. The coins are probably associated with the Roman settlement.
3 115 coins all except 2 of 3rd to 4th century date purchased by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Museum in 1911.