Bronze Age Round Barrows

Description of this historic site

Three Bronze Age burials are recorded as being found 600m north west of Brandon Castle. The burials may have been concealed within a round barrow.

Notes about this historic site

1 In cutting through some high ground to form the London-Birmingham railway in 1837 a burial place was found. A sepulchural urn ornamented with diagonal lines and three ‘drinking cups’ of different sizes and shapes were found. One of the cups was decorated with scored lines forming a zig zag pattern.
2 A barrow discovered during railway construction. Three vessels of pottery were found.
3 Bronze Age burials were disturbed, these were presumably in a barrow.
4 Barrow, now destroyed. Finds include a large OHR urn of which a collar sherd survives, together with two plain vessels and one decorated vessel.
5 Dating confirmed as Bronze Age.

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