Human Burials 100m NE of The Weir

Description of this historic site

Three burials, possibly of Medieval date, were found during the 1720s. They may have been plague burial or they might have been associated with the chapel that is supposed to have existed in this area. The burials were found 100m south of Pillory Green, Napton on the Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 A ‘Crowners Quest’ was held on three human skeletons which were discovered in 1720 at this grid reference. The field is now called Grimes Field after a local farmer.
2 Mrs Whitton comments that skeletons have been dug up in Dead Leys Field, which were assumed to be plague burials. Could it have been the graveyard of the chapel (PRN 740), if it had burial rights?
3 Location marked as ‘Y’ on the 1973 plan.