Site of Leaford Cottage, 200m S of Lea Bridge

A timber framed house in Lea Marston | Warwickshire County Council
A timber framed house in Lea Marston
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The site of Leaford Cottage, a timber-framed house which was built during the Post Medieval period. It was dismantled and relocated on another site. The original site of the building lies 150m south east of the school at Lea Marston.

Notes about this historic site

1 Single timber-framed bay forming a small dwelling originally dating from c1650.
2 Demolished and rebuilt at Avoncroft Museum of Buildings.
3 Excavation undertaken after the demolition of the building. In places three successive floor levels were found. The sandstone plinth on which the sill beams had rested sealed substantial deposits of 19th century pottery. It is possible that the cottage had been moved bodily onto a new foundation. Its original site may have been on lower ground which became subject to flooding as a result of mining subsidence.
4 Archival material: scale drawings of the timbers.
5 Archival material: post excavation correspondence.
6 Archival material: annual inspection report.
7 Archival material: inauguration in 1977.
8 Very short synopsis of excavation, dismantling and proposal for reconstruction.
9 Sketch. Untitled and undated.

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