Anker Mill, Bramcote

Description of this historic site

Anker Mill, a watermill that was in use between the Medieval and Imperial periods. It is known from documentary evidence. The mill was situated on the River Anker, 500m north east of Bramcote.

Notes about this historic site

1 The site of a watermill can still be traced. A watermill was given to the Abbey of Leicester by Geoffrey L’Abbe about 1143. This was confirmed in 1240. This mill at Bramcote is also recorded at the Dissolution.
2 A small millbay with brick-lined sluices at the above grid reference probably represents the site described, though no Medieval remains can be identified. The mill pond forms part of an extensive water complex (information from OS field survey).
3 Anker Mill remained in operation until the mid 19th century. By 1886 the buildings had been demolished though the watercourses were intact. The mill pool survives, as do the remains of an outbuilding close to the site of the mill.
4 The area is now very overgrown and no remains of the mill could easily be identified although the site was located.

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