Alscot Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The Medieval deserted settlement of Alscot. The existence of a settlement is suggested by documentary evidence. It was located 500m south east of Atherstone on Stour.

Notes about this historic site

1 Rous calls this village ‘Arlescote Juxta Stratford’ and comments that it has been damaged (mutalatur). There is an Arlescote Park and House. The hamlet was over the Stour from the main village.
2 No archaelogical evidence (D). Documentary evidence, but period of desertion unknown (1).
3 There is no visible evidence of desertion.
4 A secondary settlement. Tradition locates a chapel here (PRN 6288). In 1248 there were some peasant inhabitants and in 1287 there was a reeve of Alscot and perhaps a tavern there. In 1327 there were six taxpayers, but by 1534 there seems to have been only one house. Alscot later included buildings subsiduary to the park.
5 Copy of the VCH entries from pages 82 and 89.