Lower Smite Deserted Medieval Village

Description of this historic site

The Medieval deserted settlement of Lower Smite. The settlement is known to have existed from documentary evidence. It was situated 800m north east of Coombe Countryside Park.

Notes about this historic site

1 Upper and Lower Smite may be Warwickshire’s oldest lost villages. The foundation of Coombe Abbey in 1150 created pasture where formerly two villages had stood. The old parish name is retained in Smite Brook, Smeeton Lane and Smite Hall. Lower Smite must be associated with the remains of St Peter’s Church (PRN 3722) incorporated in Peter Hall. There are ‘suspicious markings’ in the field S of Peter Hall, leading down to Smite Brook, although the land is now ploughed.
2 Poor archaeology (C), period of desertion known but documentary evidence inferior in quantity.
3 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 112.
5 Scheduling information.
6 Smite was a Medieval village and manorial complex which was eclipsed by the Cistercian monastery founded within its bounds. Today it survives only in the naming of the Smite Brook.
7 Archaeological observation during the erection of an extension at SP4180 in 1998 revealed no features or finds associated with the Medieval settlement, or indeed predating the construction of Fairview Cottage itself. This part of the site may have been disturbed or destroyed by ploughing.
8 Descheduled 17/04/2001.

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