Voluntary Tree Planting on the Willowdene Estate

These trees are well grown now, but they hold memories for me. We moved to Brookside Avenue, Wellesbourne in 1967, when I was about two and a half years old. This was on the newly built Willowdene Estate.

A tree planting campaign

At the end of Willow Drive, where it meets the Kineton Road, is a road traffic island. A friend of my dad’s, who lived on the same estate on Willow Drive, asked my dad if he could help him plant some trees on the road traffic island. So after getting permission from the parish council, they invited people on the estate to donate, if they wished, towards buying some trees. Most people were generous and they had enough to buy a selection of young trees.

Between them they planted them all.

Damaged but survived

One did get damaged when someone crashed a car into it, shortly after it had been planted, but they were able to repair it and it, along with the others, are still here to this day, growing very well.

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