Alcester National Schools

Alcester School’s history

The historical records from Alcester’s National School are held locally by the Alcester Heritage Network (AHN). Working on the original logbooks and minute books, AHN volunteer Karyl Rees uncovered the many trials, tribulations – and successes – of a group of people trying to run a typical Victorian school, before the days of Local Education Authorities. That they were successful is down to the hard work and dedication of the managers and many of the teachers – although not all. In one period of four years, the Infant department rose from needing ‘special measures’ to becoming an excellent example, to which teachers from other local schools were sent to learn how to teach well.

Heart of the town

As well as teaching us about the system of Victorian and Edwardian education, the records provide interesting snippets and windows into the lives of the local community of a small market town, and across all its echelons. Local dignitaries such as the Lord of the Manor, Lord Hertford, ordinary working people taking their children out of school to earn money at harvest times and families from the local workhouse, all step off the pages.

Karyl’s book, Alcester National Schools 1871-1903 is available on Ebay from Nonnykettle books, or from the author

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