Wilma's Ford, Wormleighton

Description of this historic site

The site of Wylman's ford which carrys an Early Medieval saltway across a stream. It is recorded in an Early Medieval charter and is marked on an estate map of 1634 and a tithe award map of 1849. It is located 1km south east of the Fish Ponds, Lower Radbourn.

Notes about this historic site

1 A charter of AD 956 records ‘Wilmanford’, where the Salt Way crosses ‘Wylman Broce’ (Wilman Brook).
2 Map.
3 Wylman Ford was on the border of Radbourn and Wormleighton.
4 Recorded in a charter of AD 998. A field in Lower Radbourne is named ‘Wilford’s Meadow’ in the Radbourne Tithe Award of 1849 and a 1634 estate map of Wormleighton shows the ‘meadow next to the Wilford gate’ here.

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