Stoneton Manor Moat

Description of this historic site

Stoneton Manor moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. Dating from the Medieval period, it is still visible as an earthwork, and is situated 500m north east of Newfield Pool.

Notes about this historic site

1 A fine example of its kind. Complete, although it is not entirely filled with water and enclosing an area of 0.58 ha. It is bridged at one point on the N side. The owner has plans to build a sluice and raise the water level.
3 The moat was drained in 1906 and sluice gates have been installed in an attempt to control the water and fill the moat again. The sides have suffered collapse in the past. At present the moat still does not contain much water.
4 1984: Waterfilled.
5 Plan.
6 Unattributed reference: Two architectural fragements found by the landowner during drainage works possibly from the Manor House. Appeared to be part of a large perpendicular window.

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