Vault at Church of St Nicholas

Description of this historic site

A vault was found under the Church of St Nicholas during the reflooring of the chancel. The vault dates back to at least the Imperial period. Four coffins were found inside the vault, only two of which appear to have been used.

Notes about this historic site

1 Whilst working on the chancel reflooring in June 1965, a vault was exposed on the south side. It was roughly 7’6″ square with a brick division forming two compartments. The vault contained four unnamed coffins, two in each compartment. Practically all the timber had rotted away from the two in the bigger compartment leaving the head lining exposed; but were empty. In the smaller compartment, the two coffins remained in semi-rotted condition. One coffin contained a small skeleton, and the other a very large one. The coffins were dated as being of c17th century by Assistant Keeper of metalwork in the Victoria and Albert Museum, 24/8/65.
2 Correspondence relevant to 1.

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