Upton Wood

Description of this historic site

Site of medieval Upton Wood (part)

Notes about this historic site

1 There was no silva recorded for Haselor in Domesday Book, but there was silva ten furlongs and eighteen perches long by five furlongs wide in Upton, a township within Haselor parish. There were at least sixty acres of wood in Upton in1314. A dispute over tithes and common rights c.1230 referred incidentally to the wood in Upton, in which Stephen de Upton had common rights belonging to the land of Upton. In 1364 a deed referred to a wood in Upton Wood called Rolveswode. This name is preserved in the modern Rollswood and shows that Upton Wood lay, like others in Haselor, in the south of the parish. Upton Wood was still a wood in 1619.

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