Site of Post Medieval Windmill at Hillmorton

Description of this historic site

The site of a post mill, a windmill mounted on a post. It was in use during the Post Medieval period. During the Imperial period it was replaced by a tower mill. The site lies north of Kilby Lane, Hillmorton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two windmills on the same site. One was a post mill, built by 1584 and ceased by late 18th century. The second was a brick tower mill, built by 1787 (PRN 5399). Disused c1890.
2 Windmills here in 1582 and 1604.
3 Site is now built over.
4 Shown on the 1886 6″ O.S. map as a corn mill.
5 Brick Tower Mill. Built late 18th century (insured 1806). 4 common sails and 2 pairs stones. Steam power mentioned in 1854 advert. Demolished 1899.
6 Mill is shown adjacent to road on Giffney’s map of Rugby.

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