Electrical Engineering Works

Description of this historic site

The site of an electrical engineering works dating to the Imperial period. It is marked on the second edition Ordnance Survey map. The site is bounded by Leicester Road, Boughton Road, Mill Road and the railway line.

Notes about this historic site

1 Electrical engineering works marked on the second edition Ordnance Survey Map. The site expanded north of the River Avon in the 1930s.
2 Site visit undertaken 19 Feb 2007 and digital photographs taken.
3 14 digital photographs taken from the Black Path prior to Site visit above.
4A building assessment of 16 buildings from the north of the Avon, at the site prior to its redevelopment. This includes a comprehensive historical overview of the development of the site. The history of the British Thomson-Houston Company (BTH) is also traced. The site was opened in 1902, and went through a series of developments in the 20th century. The site expanded northwards in 1935, as referred to in 1.
5 Further building assessment of buildings on this site to the south of the Avon. Only a single building survives of the nine buildings which comprised the initial extent of the works in 1901-1902. This turbine factory was subject to a programme of expansion over its lifetime. A large concrete framed building and the 1930s art deco office building were also surveyed.

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