Site of Medieval Buildings at Washford Fishponds

Description of this historic site

The site of three buildings dating to the Medieval period. They were discovered during an archaeological excavation. There were also finds of pottery dating to the Medieval period. The buildings were situated north of the weir at Washford, Studley.

Notes about this historic site

1 Stone foundations of at least three large buildings were detected by augering in the vicinity of the main fishponds prior to their destruction in 1968. The platforms which were under threat of road construction were sectioned mechanically and a small area containing a building with daub walls and an associated fish-breeding tank excavated by hand. The latter contained 13th century and 14th century pottery and much organic material, including a wooden skep with a woven rush base. Only those parts of the site in the direct line of the road were investigated. Other buildings may lie further N where machine-cut trenches cut two ditches containing quantities of 13th century and 14th century pottery. This area was to be covered with a dump of soil.
2 Plan.

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