Site of Romano British Building 400m S of Field Bar

Description of this historic site

Various finds, including an intense scatter of Roman pottery, charcoal and burnt clay, suggest that a building once stood in the vicinity during the Roman period. The site is located 500m south east of Thornton Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 A number of Roman sherds were found widely scattered over the field with the crop marks of the Iron Age hill fort (PRN 1258). Most of the sherds were in oxidised fabrics (probably Severn Valley ware), with one piece of black burnished and one of Samian. Charcoal and burnt clay were also present in large quantities. The sherds increased in number to the NE of the hillfort, beyond a recently-used quarry. Here Severn Valley wares, black burnished and Samian occurred and a stone grindstone was found. A Roman building probably existed in this area.
2 The present owner, when excavating stone in the quarry, noted signs of ‘unnatural contours’.
3 Air photographs show linear features in the vicinity of the Roman site (see also PRN 5202) and these could be connected with it.

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