Burmington Manor House

Description of this historic site

Burmington Manor House, a building which dates from the Medieval period. Alterations were made to the building in the Post Medieval and Imperial periods. It is located 50m south west of the Church.

Notes about this historic site

1 The house appears to have a 16th century origin but has been considerably altered.
2 Incorporated in the front a blocked twin 13th century opening with a round arch, and an early 16th century three-light window.
4 The 13th century architectural remains are doubtless inserts.
5 In origin this is a domestic aisled hall. The earliest phase may be first quarter of the 13th century. There is some evidence for late Medieval alterations; it was reconstructed in the late 16th century and further work was carried out in the 19th century. The 13th century aisled hall had two bays, with timber arcades between masonry end gables and aisled walls. Attached to the hall at its E end was a solar range. The hall is nearly square, 9.7m by 9.5m. The solar is not precisely aligned with the hall. An indication of the date of the hall is offered by the corbels carrying the wall posts. The manor of Burmington was held in fee by the Grenville family at least from 1232 until soon after 1346.
6 A small excavation carried out in 1993 identified the extent of the house further but was not very conclusive.
7 Material from 1993.

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