Site of Iron Age Settlement 500m S of Barford Shed

Description of this historic site

A settlement dating to the Iron Age was found during an excavation. Round houses, ditches and a double pit alignment were found within an enclosure. The site is located 300m south east of Barford Wood.

Notes about this historic site

2 Small irregular enclosure shows on air photographs.
3 Site no 83 in survey.
4 In addition to the double pit alignment (MWA705) there is a five-sided enclosure measuring 27m N-S by 25m E-W with many internal features. The density of features in the interior is much greater than outside, but the entire area is a palimpsest of pits, ditches and other features.
5 1972-3: Unenclosed Iron Age settlement with round houses excavated. Three round houses of post hole construction, found close to the cursus terminal in 1973.
7 Unpublished report on the excavations in 1972 of the unenclosed settlement, prepared by Dr. Hingley from Stephen Ball’s site records and interim report. Contains detail on the configuration of this small farmstead. Considered to predate the pit alignment (MWA705), and be of Middle or Late Bronze Age date. Brief discussion and itemisation of the (small) artefactual assemblage recovered from the site.

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