Undated Enclosure 300m E of Woodford Lodge

Description of this historic site

The site of an enclosure of unknown date which is visible as a crop mark on aerial photographs. It is situated 300m east of Woodford Lodge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Visible as a crop mark on aerial photographs.
2 An ‘L’-shaped crop mark is probably part of a wide-ditched rectangular enclosure. An entrance is visible in the NE corner. A linear gully lies to the N of the possible wide-ditched enclosure, and a possible penannular gully is situated just to the NE. The penannular gully could be Iron Age or Roman.
3 Dating revised to within the Neolithic and Post Medieval periods.
4 Morphologically, it is possible that this site is a Roman camp, just down the River from Mancetter.Other cropmark features are visible in the vicinity, but it is possible that these are geological in origin.

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