Hurley Hall Moat

Description of this historic site

Hurley Hall Moat, a wide ditch surrounding a building. It is visible as an earthwork and is Medieval in origin. It is situated at Hurley Hall Farm. Close by are two fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish, dating from the same period.

Notes about this historic site

1 c.
2 The moat appears to have been subrectangular and about 75 by 50m, with a pair of fishponds to the SE.
3 Only the waterfilled NW arm survives, slight surface depressions mark the course elsewhere. Hurley Hall is within the ‘enclosed area’ and is presumably on the site of earlier manor houses.
4 Noted
5 The moat and fishponds were backfilled in the early ?20th century following a drowning. The present owner, Mr T. Horton, re-excavated both the moat and fishponds in around 1983. This information came from discussions with Mr Horton in 2007.

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