Site of Emscote Bridge,

Description of this historic site

Emscote Bridge, the site of a Post Medieval bridge, replaced in the 19th century by a new bridge downstream. No remains are visible.

Notes about this historic site

1 An irregular narrow bridge of seven or eight arches, some round and others pointed. Emscote Bridge was in a dangerous state in 1625 and was largely rebuilt in 1629, but by 1650 it was again in need of repairs. By 1830 it had been condemned as unsafe and the next year a new bridge was built twenty yards downstream.
2 There is no indication of the old bridge.
3 From the historical evidence, the position of the Medieval bridge was in approximately the same place as the stone foundation present in trench 6B (eastern shore). The stone foundation was constructed for a large structure and was still intact for a minimum of three courses. The stone spreads in Trenches 1 & 2 (western shore) were of a similar material to the stone foundation. Their location, close to to the north side of Potobello Bridge, on the western shore of the River Avon would be consistent with the location of the western side of the Medieval Bridge. Although the location of the footings were not present within trench 1 or 2, the stone spreads were most likely from the demolition phase of the western side of the bridge. The inclusion of a piece of 19th century pottery under the demolition layer is conclusive of a demolition date of this time.
4 No evidence was recovered for the footings to the Medieval Bridge, although a number of substantial stone rubble spreads were likely to have resulted from its demolition.

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