Site of Chapel of St Dennis at Bradmore, Honington.

Description of this historic site

The site of the Chapel of St Dennis at Bradmore, dating to the Medieval period. The chapel is known from documentary evidence and from finds of Medieval pottery and other objects. It was located 600m south of Pen Covert.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a chapelry of St Dennis at Bradmore. By 1663 the settlement was deserted (PRN 2145, PRN 5222) and the chapel alone had survived.
2 The chapel was recorded in 1540 and is mentioned in 1683 as having been converted into a cottage, and its site is still known as the Chapel Field.
3 The owner of St Dennis Farm for over 60 years, states that the field centred at SP2842 has always been known as ‘Chapel Meadow’ and that a farmworker ploughed up the foundations of a large building, possibly the site of the church, at approx SP2942.
4 Finds made with a metal detector in 1992: Three coins, one from the 13th century and the other two from the 14th century. Found at SP2842.
5 Strap-handle sherd, shell tempered fabric, 13th to 14th century. Strap-handle sherd, ?grass tempered fabric, 13th to 14th century. Bronze object, representing the socket from a cheese strainer or skimmer, 14th to 15th century. All found – SP2842.
6 Archaeological fieldwalking on the site recovered a high proportion of shelly wares, suggesting the site had strong links with the south east midlands. The majority of pottery was of a range between 12th-13th centuries, although the the period up to the 15th century was represented.

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