Sandpit Farm, Meadow Way, Pillerton Priors

Description of this historic site

A Post Medieval farmhouse which is situated in Meadow Way, Pillerton Priors.

Notes about this historic site

1 17th century Farmhouse, L-shaped plan, rubble stone walls with stone dressings. The central stone chimney has a Tudor fireplace. Deep stone lintels on doors and windows.
3 Appeared to be unoccupied.
4The remains of a small stone building that lies to the south of the site excavated in 1998 is of post-medieval date and is most likely to be an auxiliary farm building. Several of the stones used in the construction of this building were tooled and heat affested, indicating they had been reused from another, earlier building, probably in the immediate vicinity. It could be postulated that they came from the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene that was recorded to have burnt down in 1672.