Saltisford Almshouses

Description of this historic site

Almshouses at Saltisford, formed in 17th century destroyed in late 1960's. Site lies just west of the old St Michael's Chapel and 25 meters southwest of the old leper hospital.

Notes about this historic site

1 Almshouses are thought to have been built on the site in the mid 17th century. By 1788 the almshouses formed part of Thomas Puckering’s Charity and lay within a small enclosure, separate from the chapel and the rest of the precinct.
2 The Almshouses are marked on the Board of Health map in 1851 as Saltisford Almshouses again in their own separate enclosure with the boundary being a hedge. There is also a trough, pump and privy marked in the rear garden.
3 The Almshouses are further marked on the OS 1st edition as ‘Almshouses’ and appear to have been demolished between 1967-69.

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