Roman building, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The remains of a Roman building were found during an excavation. Roman pottery and coins were also found on the site which was located on the south side of Priory Road, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 Some finds were made in 1925 and the area was excavated in 1938. It had been badly disturbed, but wall footings were uncovered which measured 2.3m by 0.6m wide. The wall was of unbonded sandstone. The N end of the wall was destroyed and the S end squared off. Traces of a hearth associated with Samian and a nail were found. Pottery indicates Flavian-Trajanic occupation, a radiate coin and others of the house of Constantine. Pottery included Samian and coarse ware, mortaria, amphorae, a small ceramic human figure, a glass bottle or jar stamped O S ^ B II L, various other metal objects and fifteen coins.
3 Students of the Dept of Archaeology of the University of Birmingham conducted a fortnight’s dig on part of the Cattle Market site adjacent to the garden excavated by Seaby (MWA488). Although the area had been much disturbed by recent pits, the site revealed post holes and beam slots of early occupation dated by finds of pottery and coins of the late C1 and early C2.
4 Occupied from the late C1 to the late C3 (or early C4). Evidence of timber buildings, later replaced by stone buildings. Finds include a range of late C1 to late C3 pottery and coins of Nerva, Hadrian, Carausius and possibly Trajan.
5 Noted in Alcester sites list.

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