RAF Warwick

Description of this historic site

The site of the Second World War RAF Warwick airfield which was located in fields north of Longbridge, Warwick. It opened in 1941 as a grass relief landing ground for RAF Church Lawford. Aerial photographs show the positions of the hangars and huts.

Notes about this historic site

1 A grass relief landing ground for RAF Church Lawford opened Dec 1941. The minimal facilities included 4 blister hangers, 6 Laing huts, 2 Nissen huts and a fuel compound.
2 An aerial photograph of 1947 shows four hangers at: SP 2763 (destroyed); SP 2763 (skeletal remains of a Miskins steel blister hanger); SP 2662.
3 Book with photograph of a Miskins steel blister hanger.
4 Photograph of the Oxford aircraft at Warwick airfield. The control building can be seen in the background.
5 No features relating to the WWII airfield were observed.
6 Opened for flying in December 1941 and the relief landing ground was used mainly by No 2 CFS and No 18 (P)AFU. Two blister hangars and a series of Laing and Nissen huts.

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