RAF Atherstone on Stour

Description of this historic site

RAF Atherstone on Stour, a Second World War bomber airfield with three runways. It opened in 1941 and closed in 1945. The airfield was situated to the north east of Atherstone on Stour.

Notes about this historic site

1 A three runway bomber airfield, with extra facilities for use by fighter aircraft, opened 12 July 1941. From July 1941 to Sept 1942 was a satellite to RAF Wellesbourne Mountford. From Sept 1942 to March 1944 was a satellite to RAF Pershore. From March 1944 was returned to RAF Wellesbourne Mountford. Closed 1945. Remaining facilities include: 1 type T1 hanger (SP 21 51); 1 control tower (SP 21 51); 1 signal square (SP 21 51); 1 battle HQ (SP 21 52); 2 pillboxes (SP 21 52 and SP 21 51); 1 blast shelter (SP 21 51); 1 shelter (SP 21 52); 1 range (SP 22 51).
2 Report of a student project investigating the changing land use of all RAF airfields in the modern County of Warwickshire.
3 Airfield plan of 1942.
4 Vertical air photograph of airfield.
5 Note, 1 page.
6 Opened in April 1941 (contra 1), on land recquisitioned from the Alscot Park estate. It was provided with the standard features of a bomber airfield – three concrete runways, although one was uniquely completed in half tarmac/half concrete (presumably for experimental purposes), 23 hardstandings, a perimeter track, two large hangars (B1 and T1 types), control tower, fuel storage tanks, a water tower, a bomb dump, shelters and defence emplacements etc. It was originally known as RAF Atherstone but not long after opening was renamed Stratford-upon-Avon (presumably on account of consuion with Atherstone in North Warwickshire). Detailed information.

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