Princethorpe Great Wood

Description of this historic site

Princethorpe Great Wood, a Medieval (possibly earlier) managed woodland. The woodland comprises: woodbanks; ridge and furrow cultivation; and probable evidence of ancient management.

Notes about this historic site

1 A wood of 40ha. Much of the wood is demarcated by a woodbank, in places very sinuous, of Medieval type, with later additions to the south-west, north and north-west and to the south-east. The large square-ish addition to the south-west overlies small, perhaps 18th century, ridge and furrow.

Although there is much planted sweet chestnut Castanea sative throughout, the wood is still largely semi-natural and species rich, with a natural gradation from birch-oak on the plateau to the north sloping down through ash-maple-hazel woodland in the south.

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