Post Medieval Brickworks 200m SE of Spernall Hall Fm

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence suggests that this is the site of brickworks of Post Medieval date. Some earthworks remain visible at the site, which is 100m north east of the cattle grid at Spernall.

Notes about this historic site

1 In Spernall village Esmond Dyes in 1662 occupied one cottage with a brick kiln and had an adjoining close called ‘claypitts’. This house was almost certainly ‘The Tyle House’ noted on the 1695 map and which survived until the late 19th century. Individuals producing bricks in the parish are recorded in 1668 and 1740. The 1695 map shows ‘The Tyle House Croft’ and a cottage standing within the croft with an outbuilding (probably the kiln-house) beside the road. The 17th century outbuilding is at a much lower level than the croft and a raised platform in the latter, with a rectangular depression alongside, represents the former house site. Traces of clay working exist in the fields around the croft.

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