Site of Fishponds 100m W of Lower Spernall Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of Medieval/Post Medieval fishponds, used for the breeding and storing of fish. There is documentary for their existence, but they have now been filled in. They are situated 100m west of Lower Spernall Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 A fishpond complex lying within a meander curve of the River Arrow. A reference dated to 1375 possibly refers to the ponds. They do not seem to have been in use in the late 17th century when a hedge line crossed the complex. The fishponds were filled in some years ago. The three ponds lay in a triangular formation; two were rectangular, one irregular. An embanked feature formed a half circle, a pond remaining on one side of this until modern times.
2 Three ponds shown.
3 Three ponds shown.
4 The fishponds were filled in some years ago but show up very clearly on air photographs. A ditched enclosure immediately to the S of the ponds may be an extension to the fishpond complex or it might conceivably be the remains of a moat, with its W arm enlarged to form a fishpond.
5 Aerial photograph.

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