Possible site of the Hundred Court, Coleshill

Description of this historic site

Possible site of Hundred Court on The Croft next to the Parish (former Minster) church.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site of The Hundred Court, Coleshill.
The Coleshill Hundred was the largest of the 10 Warwickshire Hundreds in 1086, and the Hundred Court met six-monthly at Coleshill possibly on the area next to the Parish (former Minster) church known as The Croft where faint earthworks can be seen. The site is near a crossroads, a common meeting place of the Hundred Court, as is a ford, also to be found not far away.
By 1161 – 62 it had transferred to Hemlingford Green near Kingsbury. The now three-weekly Hundred Court continued to meet at Coleshill until 1789.

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