Possible moat 100m N of Grange Farm.

Description of this historic site

A possible Medieval moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. Originally identified from aerial photographs, the site has now been destroyed by ploughing, although traces of earthworks still remain. The site is located 300m nortth east of Copston Magna.

Notes about this historic site

1 On a number of aerial photographs, a couple of fields under pasture (centred on the above NGR) show definite earthworks, which may represent the remains of a moated site and a number of trackways similar to those associated with DMVs. Unfortunately these have since been ploughed away, and the land is now used for fruit-growing so there was no chance to evaluate this site in the field. (From the AP, the moat, at least, seems quite convincing. It was noted in 1959, that uneven ground in this area may indicate the remains of a house. The farmer, when ploughing, also turned up Roman pottery, Medieval and 18th century wall and cobbles in this area (WA 3534) which would seem to support this possibility).
4 RCH did not think that this site was convincing. Re-examination of the APs shows that only on 4588/I is there an indication of a subrectilinear earthwork. The evidence from the photo is not of great quality, and it cannot be certain if the visible earthwork was indeed a moat.
5 Finds made by metal detectors in 1996: This appears to be a key, the shank is hollow rather than solid. The style of the decoration would indicate Medieval date.

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