Moat 400m W of Pound Close Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building, of Medieval origin. There is evidence from aerial photographs, and from surviving earthworks. Some building debris has been found. The site is 300m northwest of Graves Coppice, Tanworth in Arden.

Notes about this historic site

1 Documents relating to the manor of Forshaw date from the 13th century onwards; however the site of the manor house is uncertain. A reference in Dugdale and an RAF air photograph suggest that the site was at the above grid reference. Signs of ditches and pieces of untooled sandstone were found during a site visit.
2 The only trace of the manor house is a double moat of large extent; a coppice wood now grows where the house stood.
4 An air photograph shows a rectangular enclosure and linear features in the area that was Forshaw Park.

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