Poss Site of Church 300m NW of Chapel Bank Cottage, Radbourn

Description of this historic site

The possible site of the church at Lower Radbourn deserted village dating to the Medieval period. A tithe award map dating to 1845 records a field name to the north of Chapel Bank as being 'Chapel Field'. It is located 500m north west of Lower Radbourn Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 The church is recorded before the end of the 12th century as having been given to Henwood Priory, but by 1417 the advowson had been acquired by the Catesbys and attached to the manor. In 1535 it is styled a ‘parish church’, but the church had probably by then fallen into decay. In 1616 it was definitely called ‘the ruined church of Upper Radbourn’.
2 The site can be identified from the 1845 Tithe Award which names two fields to the N of ‘Chapel Bank’ as ‘Chapel Field’. The bank lies some distance from the farm and seems to have been the church site.
3 From the position of the surveyed ponds and the perimeter of the former village it would seem that ‘Chapel Bank’ was probably the church site.
4 A large mound exists where the OS mark ‘Chapel Bank’.
6 Scheduling information.
7 A site visit in 1972 found no evidence for a church except for a large ridge.
8 Plan associated with 7.

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