Pinley Priory Church, Rowington.

Description of this historic site

The remains of Pinley Priory Church which is of Medieval date. The ruins of the church have been incorporated into a later building. The site is located 700m south east of Great Pinley.

Notes about this historic site

1 Remains of the church adjoin the SE angle of the house and form an L-shaped plan. The main body is about 19.5m long and 5.9m wide. About 4.6m at the E end, in line with the S chapel or transept, is closed off by a later stone wall. This probably represents only part of the former chancel as the E wall appears to be later. The nave has lost its S wall and is mostly unroofed. It appears to have been used as a cart shed. The W wall contains a blocked 15th century doorway. The S chapel is 4.6m from E to W and 2.7m deep.
3 1961: The remains of the priory church are as described.

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