Parish Church of St Leonard, Wroxall

Description of this historic site

The Parish Church of St Leonard was built during the Medieval period. It was originally part of Wroxall Priory church but may always have been used by parishoners rather than by the nuns. The church is situated 600m south west of Wroxall.

Notes about this historic site

1 The parish church of St Leonard was originally part of the Priory (PRN 2609), but it is probable that this part was always assigned to the parishioners and that the destroyed portion of it constituted the church of the Nuns. It is a rectangular structure 28.6m long by 6.7m wide, dating from about 1315, and having the W tower of 1663-4 built within the W end. At the E end of the S side is a modern organ-chamber.
2 Plan of the church.
3 The church has one of the most complete assemblies of Medieval glass in the county.

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