Oldfield Farm, Rowington

Description of this historic site

A timber framed house dating from the Post Medieval period, the front is now brick faced. In 1606 the site included a forge. It is situated 850m north of Shrewley Common.

Notes about this historic site

1 Oldfield Farm is different at the back than at the front. The front elevationis of brick and has double gables of the 19th century. On the N side and the rear of the house are timbered and in two wings. Timbers in the SE wing appear to be inferior to those in the NE wing, but an external chimney covers many of them. There is a central chimney stack with attached octagonal shafts and V-shaped pilasters, has a wide fireplace and on the first floor there is a stone fireplace with moulded jambs and a four centred arch in a square head. The enclosed circular stairs to the first floor are of stone. A flight of wooden stairs leads to the attic which is over the NE wing only. In 1606 a shop, ‘smithy’ of one bay, is included in the description. It is marked as building No. 48 on the 1550 – 1650 map in this book.
2 It is an early 17th century house. The front is now brick-faced, but the gables at the back are timber-framed.

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