Medieval settlement at Wolvey

Description of this historic site

The Medieval settlment of Wolvey was held partly by the abbey at Combe. Development of the village centred around the church and the market place.

Notes about this historic site

1 The Medieval settlement at Wolvey can be traced from the Ordnance Survey 6′ map.
2 The Medieval settlement at Wolvey is a mixture of planned and unplanned development. Planned development is in evidence around, and to the south of the church. Another, later area of planned development is seen around the market place, which is still called the Square today.
3 Ridge and furrow plotting of the parish.
4 Wolvey is listed in Domesday; in Brinklow Hundred. The Phillimore ed gives a grid ref of SP 4288 whereas the grid ref for this record is 4287. Ref 24,1 Robert of Vessey holds 5 1/2 hides in Wolvey from the King. Land for 8 ploughs. In lordship 2; 4 slaves. 15 villagers with a priest and 2 smallholders have 7 ploughs. Meadow 50 acres; pasture 1/2 league in length and width. The value was £3?; now 50s. Alric son of Margeat held it freely before 1066.
5 Three sherds of residual 13th-14th century pottery were recovered during archaeological observation east of 9 The Square, Wolvey, behind the street frontage (SP 4305 8797). No medieval features were located.
6 Three phases of occupation were noted during archaeological observation at Altus Windows, Church Street. The first phase produced property boundaries and structures defined by gullies and ditches probably related to a small plot fronting Church Street. Dated with 12-13th century pottery. The second phase showed a slight realignment to the property with pottery dating to 1250-1300. The final phase appears to have larger ditches cut with evidence from 15th century pottery.

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