Medieval Fishponds 200m SW of the Kennels

Description of this historic site

Medieval fishponds used for the breeding and storing of fish, probably connected with the Medieval Abbey of Stoneleigh. There is documentary evidence for them from the 18th century. They are situated 1km southwest of the present Abbey.

Notes about this historic site

Earthworks of Medieval fishponds.

1 Fishponds marked.
2 Fishponds marked.
3 1979: An area of ground around the old stew ponds was cleared. The intention was to clear the two ponds and possibly also the culvert between the ponds.
4 These fishponds probably belonged to the Medieval Abbey at Stoneleigh. A site visit indicated that the sluices of these ponds have been extensively altered and repaired in comparatively recent times.
5 These ponds are not shown on the 1597 Goodwin estate map although they do occur on those of 1749 and 1766. The evidence for a medieval date is unclear although this is a possibility. If they are medieval they could have been fishponds or served as part of the water management system for Grange Mill. Alternatively they may be 17th century or early 18th century in date.

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