Medieval building, Lower Radbourn

Description of this historic site

A barn which has built into it stone pillars which possibly came from the Medieval church at Lower Radbourn when it was ruined. It is situated 1km north of the Fish Ponds at Lower Radbourn.

Notes about this historic site

1 A hovel at Upper Radbourne Farm is constructed with four pillars, splayed at the top to support the roof. These look ecclesiastical and could have come from the ruined church.
2 Open spaces between pillars have been bricked up in order to make a barn. In 1975 the owner was proposing to knock down the barn, but (as far as I know) has not yet done so.
3 Eight fairly short pillars supporting the roof of a stable block. The owner said that they were brought from Radbourne Church. There does not appear to be any threat of demolition.

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