Possible Moat to N of Radbourne Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. It dates to the Medieval period and is still visible as an earthwork. It is situated just ot the north west of Radbourne Manor Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 To the NW of the farm complex is an artificial pool with an island in the middle. This is marked on maps of 1634 and 1808 as a horseshoe shape and it would appear that the circuit was completed at a later date. The site looks like a moated house although it is rather small, and if so, it would have been a manor house of very simple form. If there was a house here it had disappeared by 1634.
2 The site appears unlikely to be a moat.
3 An irregularly-shaped pool surrounding a tiny island. Stone rubble nearby suggests a destroyed building.

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