Maxstoke Park

Description of this historic site

Maxtoke Park, the site of a Medieval deerpark. It was situated in the area to the south of Maxtoke Castle.

Notes about this historic site

1 The pale of the park at Maxstoke is recorded in 1332 and the park is also recorded in 1522.
2 Also mentioned at the time of Elizabeth (1558-1603). Nearly 200 acres, enclosed from an ancient chase.
3 The original extent of the deerpark is indicated by parish boundaries, extant pale, field hedgerows and river. Added to GIS using the description on this card but needs further work.
4 The early-19th century Park and Old Park are shown on this map and the GIS has been updated to show this Park extent.
5 Beighton’s map shows a very similar extent but in less detail.

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