Maxstoke Priory Fishponds

Description of this historic site

The site of several fishponds of Medieval date which were associated with Maxstoke Priory. They survive as earthworks and are situated 250m west of Church End Farm.

Notes about this historic site

4 A large fishpond, now dry, measuring 80 by 40m and up to 2m deep, with a retaining bank on the W side, and with remains of another adjacent fishpond on the N and two small adjoining fishponds to the SE, each measuring 30m by 15m and with an average depth of 1.3m. E of these the precinct wall stands upon a pond bay, 90m long, 8m wide and up to 2.5m high. There is no trace of the pond, which must have been of considerable extent.
5 An enclosure is defined by the precinct wall. To the W, the enclosure is occupied by a large dry fishpond which had once been two. To the N of this is another fishpond. Further fishponds to the W.
7 Description.

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