Kineton Windmill

Description of this historic site

Kineton Windmill, the remains of an 18th century mill. All the machinery has gone but the building has been restored. It stands 1km to the north west of Kineton, near Windmill Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 Tower mill. Derelict stone tower, originally lined and now much patched with brick, in poor condition. Slight barrel shape; metal sheeted dome cap, remains of iron curb and rack; empty except for floors and two water tanks under caps. Small, four storey, late 18th century. Had two pairs of stones. Sails off and ceased work late 19th century. Possibly used as dwelling and used as water tower in the mid 20th century.
2 Derelict. Walls standing but cracked and in disrepair. None of the machinery remains, but the dome cap is still intact.
3 Now restored by MSC team. No sails, roof rebuilt. Brickwork is in good order.

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