Fishponds at Budbrooke Shrunken Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of Medieval fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish. They are partly visible as earthworks, and are situated south west of St Michael's church, Budbrooke.

Notes about this historic site

1 A quite considerable bank used to run parallel to, and N of, the road. Bed shows two banks which were suggested to be mill-weirs?
2 1951: At the S end of the field are what appear to be three mill-basins, or possibly fishponds. The stream which once filled them has been diverted to the S side of the field boundary, but its former course can be traced through the centre of the basins. 1961: The so-called mill-bays are obviously three fishponds and are comparable to others found in Warwickshire. The dams are far too weak to have served any other purpose.
3 Plan.
4 The fishponds have been preserved and are deep, flat bottomed, subrectangular in shape, with retaining banks still standing to 2m in height.
5 Photograph.
6 The two E most of the fishponds have been filled in, though the larger still exists.

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