Deserted Settlement 600m W of Marston Doles

Description of this historic site

The site of a deserted settlement of three terraced houses which date back to the Post Medieval period. The houses were located 600m west of Marston Doles.

Notes about this historic site

1 On a map of 1634 a terrace of three houses is marked, together with a strip of land called the ‘milking place’ and ‘ould garden’. This is possibly the occupation site of Lord Spencer’s shepherds. The houses are also represented on the Earl of Guilford’s map, 1808, the milking place is called ‘The Upper Pringle’and the ‘Ould Garden’ has become ‘Cottage House’, ‘Garden’ and ‘Lower Pringle’. The terrace of three houses is marked as two separate buildings. The Tythe Map of 1849 shows the houses and the strip of land had been absorbed into a field called ‘Middle Meadow’. The site has been heavily ploughed and little traces of occupation remain today.
4 Tithe map.

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