Bretford medieval settlement

Description of this historic site

On the Fosse. Granted a market and a fair in the 13th century. Recorded as a borough at around this time.

Notes about this historic site

1 BRETFORD is recorded as a Borough in 1279 and in 1334 Subsidy was valued at £31.13. A market charter for Tues granted 2 Sept 1227, by K Hen III to Nicholas de Verdun. Theobold de Verdon was holding a market here later. A fair was recorded 1279, held by Theobold de Verdon.
2 First recorded in AD 1199 as Bredford. Etymology uncertain. Possibly Breta-ford, ‘ford of the Britons’ not unlikely as carries Foss over the Avon. Suggest early origin, at least early med.
3Area of monument considerably increased to reflect earthworks visible on EA lidar layer. Some crofts visible east and west of the Main Street. The town was probably larger, to the north of the increased area. However, there are no surviving earthworks or helpful Aps.

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